This mammoth Mixed Reality educational course for Business Made Simple took seven months from creative through production, and an international effort from some of the most notorious visual FX minds around the world. The client’s mandate called for an intricate jetliner illustration. Production was tasked with building the virtual Boeing 777 and hangar from scratch and compositing this environment into the footage in real-time during the shoot. The result? 3+ hours of Mixed Reality content captured in just 3 days, and one surprisingly accessible airplane.

Note: Exclusive content. More samples upon request.

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Cinematic Trailer – How to Grow a Business (Director’s Cut), 2021


Agency: Papertown

Production: Papertown

Executive creative director: Julian Smith

Director: Julian Smith

Executive producers: Tyler Torti, Julian Smith

Post production manager: Jeff Lyons

Visual effects supervisor: Bruce Jurgens

Technical directors: Dave Rosen, Jeff Weisenburger, Paul Lacombe

Composite engineers: Jeff Harper, Jack Lavey

Lead editor: Jeff Lyons

Audio Mixer: Josh Lovell