content for the discontent


What is Discontent?

It's any content you make or have produced that fails to move the needle. Fortunately, bad content isn't contagious. So, your audience isn't likely to be exposed to your Discontent. But too often this means time and resources are wasted. Usually, it's the result of the failure to holistically integrate entertainment, marketing and advertising.


What is 360º Support?

Everything we do is custom. 360º Support means we can cover every facet of your project, or just the bits you need most help with. If your thing has value for people, we are in, no matter if it's a series, commercial, or just some marketing nip tucks. We are storytellers, data-scientists, producers, influencers, marketers, engineers, at your service.

We know value:

the kind that solves problems, entertains, and keeps people coming back.

360º Support (cont'd)

content / marketing

If your content isn’t entertaining, doesn’t properly position your products, or explain the steps to buy them, you’re probably frustrated. It's why we beg you to consider things like SEO and SEM while writing and titling your series or ad. And it's why we strive to keep it fun. We do it for the algorithms. And you!


Your value has a niche. Its offering must be streamlined, sharable and presented with authority in order for it to be shared beyond its immediate reach. Our process and data across billions of highly engaged views informs our entire philosophy. We've yet to find anyone this hasn't helped.

creative / development

Find a spin on the existing chaos. Try and get the problem working for you in some way. Is there anything disarmingly funny about it? Or maybe you've got good chaos. That awesome new feature you want to show off. Let's lean into it. Creativity is more than a mindset to us. It's our best defense against confusion and entropy.


Our OG bread and butter. We’re more nimble than the big dogs because we keep less overhead. It’s not easy to outbid us, much less while competing with our standards. Let us help you do your project justice. Here, your funds always go toward your project. And there are never any hidden fees. Ever.


Our most basic and essential services.
  • Full Service Marketing
  • Digital Presence Audit
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO / SEM
  • Google Ads & Analytics
  • Social Media Solutions
  • Website Solutions

creative & development

Clear directives, clearly potent.
  • Proprietary 'Value Story' Process
  • Data-Lead Creative
  • Audience Development
  • Series Development
  • Campaigns
  • Screenwriting / Copywriting
  • Planning


Our OG bread & butter.
  • Full-Scale Production / Post Production
  • Live Action
  • Animation / CGI
  • VR & Mixed Reality
  • Original Music
  • Cinematic Live Stream
  • White Label